I was lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful and rural part of the Forest of Dean and as a child we reared sheep and kept chickens, alongside living with a multitude of pets. I’ve always felt very connected to nature and been interested in farm to table food processes and watching homegrown vegetables arrive each season. My step father is a very keen and accomplished home grower and I still admire his multitude of symmetrical rows and enjoy his treats from the garden.

My day job sees me work with loads of local businesses selling advertising and running magazines in Monmouth, Ross and Chepstow for the busy owner and editor. Mandy and her husband Ross are real entrepreneurs and reminded me of the freedom and flexibility owning and running my own ventures could have.

So I’m pretty busy, but I love to cook, I always have and after leaving the family home at 17 I learnt to buy fresh and frequently from a young age to get the best out of a limited budget. Since then I’m fortunate enough to be able to purchase really great organic ingredients to cook with and try lots of different tastes. I work really hard and cooking is my down time, pure relaxation and I absolutely love feeding people.

Preparation time seems to be the main barrier my busy friends and family face with sorting meals – and all of us very much enjoy the break of a take away. So Tasty Trays aims to bridge the gap between fresh home cooked food, and a take away.

Simple, fresh favourites delivered to your door ready to reheat.

I hope you enjoy sampling my Tasty Trays as much as I like preparing them, always fresh, always local and always delicious… hopefully!

Thanks for your interest in Tasty Trays